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GÖçmen Büro Danışmanlık, going abroad for 16 years since 2004 is a subsidiary of Vize Merkezi A.Ş.

The Immigration Bureau is a company that provides consultancy to foreigners who live or want to live in Turkey, on legal issues such as visa, residence permit, work permit, education, health, social security. Immigration Bureau Consultancy continues its service with a professional team of 40 people consisting of 15 years of experience, lawyers, immigration and visa consultants who are experts in their fields.

As the Immigration Bureau consultancy office, we provide support in the execution of your application processes with the experience we have gained over the years. We support the whole process of the arrival of foreign nationals who want to come to Turkey abroad and the right to stay here legally.

Short-term residence permit: If people who have come to Turkey with an e-visa, visa exemption or a printed visa want to stay here for a longer period than the time allowed for them, then they should apply for the short-term residence permit category in accordance with their situation.

  1. Short-term student residence permit
  2. Residence permit by purchasing a short-term property
  3. short term work permit
  4. Short-term family residence permit

They accept applications under 4 categories.

We start the process by drawing a roadmap for your application for the most suitable short-term residence permit category, depending on your stay request and purpose. Each category contains different qualifications and requirements in its own way, and we need to choose the most correct category depending on whether you provide them or not. We provide you with the necessary documents, how and where to obtain them, and to prepare the documents by specifying the special points that need to be sensitive. We can apply for your residence permit together with the documents you have prepared and the form we have provided to present your personal information. Our specialist accompanies you during the appointment, and we manage the process together. When your application is approved, your short-term residence permit card will be sent to your residence address, which you stated in the application.

Long-term residence permit: In this category, persons who have obtained a residence permit for 8 years without a break can apply for this category, by applying for an extension or transition each time, without any gap between them. By examining your previous residences, we are able to draw a route for your application. In this category of long-term residence permit, individuals can earn the right to live in Turkey indefinitely without renewing. The difference of this residence permit from citizenship is that certain rights or obligations such as election and military service are not recognized. However, if the person wants to work in Turkey, then he/she must also obtain a work permit and this type of residence is defined as unlimited residence only.

Citizenship: People can apply for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey in different ways.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by exceptional means; There are many different ways of obtaining this category, and it is not possible to examine all of them one by one. These are evaluated on an application-specific basis. In this category, we know the most about obtaining Turkish Citizenship through investment. After making an investment of $ 250.00, the person can get citizenship in this way. This right is also granted to the legal spouse and children under the age of 18. If children are over the age of 18, they cannot be covered.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through work permit: If the person has been in the country for 5 years without interruption, he/she will have the right to apply for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey in this way.

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship by family residence; In order to obtain a family residence permit, either the married person must be a Turkish citizen or they must be living in Turkey with a work permit. In this way, family residence permit application is made in order to bring the spouse to live in the country. If the person who has a family residence permit continues on this category for 3 years without a break, he will have the right to apply for citizenship of the Republic of Turkey at the end of 3 years.

Each citizenship category contains different criteria in its own way, and these will be evaluated and shared with you by our citizenship specialist when you decide to apply.

Marriage procedures: If a foreign national is to perform a marriage procedure in Turkey, a birth certificate and a certificate of celibacy are required from the person. These documents should be brought as apostilled and translated by a sworn translator as notarized. Although most of the documents can be obtained in person and from the country, some countries provide the opportunity to be obtained through the country or consulate by proxy. In such cases, we can take the document with a power of attorney from you and present it as apostille, sworn translator and notary approved. After that, we serve you with procedures such as taking your wedding day, having a sworn translator at the wedding, and accompanying you to the specialist in obtaining health reports.

Turkey Electronic Visa: You can obtain a visa for your travel by applying online for countries that are subject to e-visa application upon arrival in Turkey. While you are in your country, you can easily enter Turkey by using this service by contacting us before your travel.

Apart from all the services we mentioned above, if there is a consultancy service that you would like to receive specifically for your application, you can contact our immigration consultants. You can get information by contacting our immigration consultants. With years of experience, our expert staff and confidence, we advise you on all your applications.

As the Immigration Bureau, in order to provide you with reliable advice on your applications, Izmir 0232 335 15 78, Bursa 0224 322 06 46, Antalya 0242 255 07 You can reach our immigration consultants via our contact addresses > 24, 0312 963 10 49 in Ankara, 0212 706 79 67 in Istanbul. iletisim@gocmenburo.com We can also help you via e-mail.



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