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Immigration Office Antalya

As our Immigration Bureau Antalya office, we provide consultancy and application services for foreign nationals about residence permit, work permit, Turkish visa, citizenship, removal of deportation with years of experience, knowledge and expertise. If we go into the scope of our services;

Antalya Short-term residence permit

The foreigner who will come to Turkey is required to enter with a visa exemption or a visa. Depending on the nationality of the foreigner, it is possible to enter Turkey with visa exemption, visa regime that changes as e-visa or printed visa, and the right of stay that changes as multiple or single entry. If the foreigner wishes to stay in Turkey for longer than the visa or visa exemption period according to his/her nationality, a residence permit application must be made before this period expires. If we list the foreigners who can obtain a short-term residence permit;

  • Foreign nationals who come to the country to conduct scientific research
  • Persons who own immovable property (property)
  • People coming for business connection or business
  • Persons who will come to be included in in-service training programs
  • Foreign nationals who enroll in student exchange programs and come for education or with a similar content
  • Foreigners coming for tourism purposes
  • People who will come to Turkey for treatment
  • Persons who are decided to stay in Turkey by the decision of the administrative authority
  • Residence permit for foreigners who have lost their family residence permit
  • Foreign nationals who come to Turkey to learn Turkish
  • For foreign nationals who will participate in internships, training, research and courses through government agencies
  • For those who have completed their higher education at a university in Turkey, those who apply within 6 months of the graduation date
  • Foreign nationals investing in Turkey and their spouses and minor children
  • Short-term residence permit applications can be made for people who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

For a short-term residence permit application, it is obligatory for the foreigner to apply without exceeding the visa exemption or visa period. To apply, you must have a passport valid for at least 6 months.

Documents to be prepared

  • Residence permit application form
  • Originals and photocopies of documents presenting the person’s information, such as passport or ID
  • Documents supporting the purpose of short-term residence permit stay
  • 4 biometric photographs taken in the last 6 months (with white background)
  • Health insurance covering the length of stay
  • Documents showing the income status must be submitted.
  • State fee receipts
  • Evidence of the address of residence

Applications are made completely by us, and the file preparation process is completed with the preparation and control of the above documents. After the application, they are tracked through the system within the legal evaluation period and residence permit cards are delivered to our customers after approval.

Antalya Family residence permit

Family residence permit is a residence permit that can be obtained for both foreign nationals living in a Turkish marriage union or for two foreigners who have been residing in Turkey for at least one year, provided that one of them is a sponsor and can prove their income. Family residence permit is an application type that is examined in more detail than other types of residence permits and requires more documents.

For foreigners who are married to a Turkish citizen, most of the documents are requested from the Turkish citizen spouse. It is necessary to be able to prove his income and to have insurance that covers all family members according to the insurance status. It will be in your best interest to contact us for all other documents and applications. What can be done if the Turkish citizen spouse has no income or cannot calculate it? Within the scope of our expert consultancy services, we have provided a solution to this problem and obtained residence permits for thousands of foreigners. All documents are checked in detail by our expert consultants and your applications are made completely. Contact us for our affordable services.

Antalya Student Residence Permit

Student residence permit is a type of residence permit that can be obtained for foreigners who come to Turkey for undergraduate, associate, postgraduate or high school education. In order to obtain this residence permit, the foreigner must enter Turkey with an Educational visa.

Student residence permits can be obtained for 1 year or 4 years, depending on the level of education, and are constantly checked by the Immigration Administrations. Residence permits of students who do not continue their education after obtaining a residence permit will be cancelled.

The most important document in student residence permit applications is the stamped signed document proving that education will be received.

Documents to be prepared

  • Residence permit application form
  • Originals and photocopies of documents presenting the person’s information, such as passport or ID
  • Documents supporting the purpose of stay
  • 4 biometric photographs taken in the last 6 months (with white background)
  • Health insurance covering the length of stay
  • State fee receipts
  • Evidence of the address of residence

Antalya Long-term residence permit

Long-term residence permit is a type of residence permit that can be given to foreigners who have been living in Turkey for 8 years without interruption and who can prove their income.

Long-term residence permit applications are comprehensive and it will be more beneficial for foreign nationals to make use of our expert consultancy and application services. The foreigner must be able to document that he has lived in Turkey for 8 years without interruption. Please contact us to benefit from our affordable services for how this document is obtained, other documents and application procedures.

Humanitarian residence and victims of human trafficking residence permit

Humanitarian residence permit and residence permit for victims of human trafficking are types of residence permits that can be obtained in extraordinary circumstances and whose evaluation depends on the ministry. Applications are made to the Immigration Administrations, but the decision rests with the Ministry.

Let’s take a look at the situations in which it can be given;

  • Considering the child’s best condition
  • Even if a person who has been deported from Turkey or who has been banned from entering Turkey, but it is not possible for them to leave Turkey at that time.
  • Execution, torture, etc. in the country where he will be deported and sent. in case of encountering a situation that violates human rights
  • Persons with a serious health problem, elderly (elderly) person, or persons at risk for traveling while pregnant
  • Having a deadly disease and being at such a risk that his treatment cannot be continued in his home country to which he will be deported.
  • Being a victim of human trafficking
  • Victims of psychological, physical or sexual abuse or to wait until the treatment process is ongoing and finished
  • Persons who applied to the competent authorities by appealing against the deportation decision
  • Persons who take legal action against a residence permit application that cannot be approved
  • Applications are made for these types of residence permits in cases such as foreigners who need to stay in Turkey for an important and urgent reason for the benefit of Turkey.

Apart from these procedures, we also provide expert consultancy and application services for all kinds of citizenship and deportation procedures.

immigration office antalya
immigration office antalya

Countries that come with a visa or benefit from visa exemption

As the Immigration Bureau Antalya office, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Belarus, Bulgaria, Albania, England, Romania, France, Germany, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, We carry out your transactions in the most accurate way for Georgia, Iran, Brazil, Colombia, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Tunisia and Morocco.

Turkey visa, work permit, residence permit, citizenship and visa for Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, Algeria, Yemen, Libya, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ghana, Nigeria and Sudan, which are countries that come to Turkey with a visa. We perform all other foreign processes in the most reliable way.

We provide the most expert service in all Turkey immigration procedures for countries that enter Turkey by obtaining an e-visa, such as China, Bahrain, Armenia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and the United States.

It provides services in all application areas for the citizens of the above-mentioned country and all other countries of the world; With years of experience and expertise, we carry out the processes for you completely. To benefit from our affordable consultancy and application services, you can reach our Antalya office by calling  + 90 (242) 255 59 49  or by e-mail via Click for all our contact information  .


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