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Immigration Office Bursa

There are procedures and laws that must be followed by foreign nationals who want to come to Turkey. We , as Immigration Bureau Bursa , provide support with our immigration experts to facilitate the transactions of foreign citizens in all of these processes and with the experience we have gained over the years. In our offices, we can provide services in all areas needed for immigrants and we can handle applications together. If people coming to Turkey from abroad with visa exemption or e-visa or visa will reside for any reason longer than the period of stay granted to them, they must apply for one of the different categories of residence permits. The first category with the most applications;

Short Term Residence Permit

Immigration Bureau Bursa takes legal action in 14 different categories for short-term residence permit applications. These categories are;

  • Foreigners who come as scientific researchers
  • Foreign persons who own property
  • People who will come to establish a business connection or open a company
  • Foreigners who come to participate in one of the planned in-service training programs
  • Foreign nationals coming for a student exchange program (ERASMUS) or similar reason
  • Those who come to Turkey for tourism travel
  • People who come for treatment
  • Persons who have been decided to stay in Turkey by an official decision
  • Persons who lose their right of residence for family reunification and wish to obtain short-term residence
  • Those who come with the aim of learning Turkish language
  • Persons who will participate in internship, training, research or course programs through administrative institutions
  • Foreign citizens who have completed their higher education at an official university in Turkey and applied within 6 months of their graduation
  • People who come to Turkey and invest; Short-term residence permit applications can be made for the legal spouses and dependent children of these persons under the age of 18.

Health insurance and state fees vary depending on the length of stay for applications, nationality and age. These are calculated and processed specifically for your file. As the Immigration Bureau Bursa Branch, we can carry out the process on your behalf and make your applications safely.

Documents Required for Short-Term Residence Permit;

  • Application form filled through the online system
  • Original and photocopies of passport and national ID
  • Rental contract or notarized deed of the address to stay in Turkey
  • 4 biometric photographs with a white background taken within the last 6 months
  • Income declaration documents showing that you can make a living on your own during your residence in Turkey
  • There must be health insurance to cover the entire duration of the residence permit.

Bursa Work Permit

Bursa work permit for foreign citizens to work legally in Turkeyare required to apply. For this application, it is expected that the person must have made an agreement with a company in order to obtain a work permit and meet the conditions through this agreement. In this application stage, first of all, there are the conditions that the company must meet. First of all, in order to employ a foreign citizen, it is necessary to have at least 5 Turkish employees. Afterwards, the expected condition is to have a paid-in capital of at least 150.00 TL. In addition, it is expected that the foreigner who will come for the application will have a job position that a Turkish citizen cannot do. After that, an application must be made and an insurance entry must be made within 30 days of arrival. You can contact us for information about working fees and foreign health insurance services for foreigners in Bursa.

Immigration Bureau Bursa takes legal action in 14 different categories for short-term residence permit applications.

Bursa Family Residence Permit

If a person wants to obtain a residence permit in Turkey through the legal marriage of a Turkish citizen and a foreign national, it is necessary to proceed through the category of Bursa family residence permit. Another option is the marriage of two foreigners, both of whom have a 1-year residence permit in Turkey, and the family residence permit application can be made by showing whichever one can declare income as a sponsor. The most important difference between these two is that the person is entitled to apply for citizenship at the end of the 3-year uninterrupted residency of the person who is married to a Turkish citizen. In marriages between two resident foreigners, this right can be gained after 5 years of uninterrupted residence permit with other residences. Therefore, if there is a plan to stay in the country by obtaining citizenship, it would be more correct to proceed with the family Bursa family residence permit.

Bursa Student Residence Permit

Foreign nationals who want to study in Turkey can take the Foreign Student Selection Exam organized by the Turkish Higher Education Institution and choose a school in line with the degree they have received. Although it varies according to nationality, some countries come to Turkey with visa exemption, some with printed visa and some with e-visa. It will be more positive for people who need to enter the country by obtaining a printed visa, to submit the registration document they have made for the YÖS exam during the application, as it supports the purpose of their departure.

It is essential that the school registration be completed in order to apply for a Bursa student residence permit . After the school registration process is completed, a student residence permit is given depending on your education period. This residence permit proceeds with a renewal application every year if your school continues; Your school attendance status also affects these renewal applications.

Bursa Long Term Residence Permit

Foreign nationals have the right to reside in Turkey legally by obtaining a residence permit on different content. After certain periods, if the required conditions are met, these people are given the right to obtain citizenship or a long-term residence permit. In order to obtain a long-term residence permit in Bursa, the person must have obtained a residence permit for 8 years without interruption. If he applies and gets approval at the end of these 8 years, he will now have an indefinite residence permit and will be able to stay in Turkey with all rights except citizenship rights.

Here, they are exempted from the right to be elected, to vote, and compulsory military service is not done. We, as the Bursa branch of the Immigration Bureau, provide you with consultancy in all of your applications; We follow the process for you at every step.

Humanitarian Residence Permit and Victims of Human Trafficking Residence Permit

When it comes to the best interests of the child,

Even if the deportation decision has been taken, the treatment he will receive in the country to which he will return by leaving; People who cannot return to their country due to reasons such as risking their life

Persons who applied to the judiciary about the deportation decision

In emergency situations

Foreign citizens, etc., who need to stay in the country in cases where the country’s interest is at stake. We proceed through these categories for special reasons. In the case of other categories, although the conditions and requirements are clearly stated, the situation in humanitarian residence permits and residence permits for victims of human trafficking is much more sensitive and results in evaluation.

Persons who are victims of human trafficking are ensured to stay in the country in line with the permissions granted; It is aimed to provide psychological help and make it useful to the society.

Countries Coming to Turkey with Visa Exemption

Ukraine, Jordan, Moldova, Brazil, Morocco, Albania, England, Romania, France, Germany, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, Belarus, Colombia, Qatar, Lebanon, Russia, Kuwait, Tunisian and Bulgarian citizens are not subject to any visa when they enter Turkey and can stay in our country during the legal period. If they want to stay in Turkey for a longer period of time, then we have to apply by choosing the most suitable type of residence permit for them. Otherwise, people will be illegal and legal action will be taken against them.

As the Immigration Bureau Bursa office, we can also handle your e-visa applications online for you. We are with you with our expert staff in Bursa citizenship procedures and Bursa deport issues.

Countries with a visa

Libya, Nigeria, India, Philippines, Bangladesh, Palestine, Iraq, Ghana, Algeria, Yemen, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan and Sudan will apply for a visa through an intermediary or consulate depending on the situation in their countries, and when approved, they will receive a printed visa. They can come to Turkey and stay within the scope of the travel period.

Citizens of Countries Coming to Turkey by Obtaining an E-Visa from Bursa

Citizens of Indonesia, China, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Armenia, Mexico, USA, Saudi Arabia can enter the country after making an online e-visa application and being approved while coming to Turkey. You can contact our experts for your e-visa applications from Bursa or for a Turkey visa.

As the Immigration Bureau Bursa Branch, we can also carry out your e-visa applications from Bursa for you online. We are with you with our expert staff in Bursa citizenship procedures and Bursa deport issues.

In all residence permit categories mentioned, we offer you professional consultancy in all processes from start to finish, together with our immigration experts. We are pleased to serve you as our Immigration Bureau Bursa office with the experience that we have gained over the years. If you want to reach us and carry out your application processes safely, you can contact us on 0224 322 09 29  or via our e-mail address info@gocmenburo.com or all our contact information.

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