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German Citizens Turkey Immigration Office

As it is known, foreigners who come to our country can stay in our country for as long as their visa or visa exemption period. Foreigners who want to stay longer than this period have to apply to the competent authorities with the required documents as specified in the Law on Foreigners and International Protection and obtain a residence permit.

Provincial/District Directorates of Migration Management, determined as the competent authorities, are assigned to receive applications for each foreigner in accordance with the purpose of residence.

Residence permit applications can be made by the foreigner in person or through the foreigner’s legal representative or lawyer. However, the Administration may request the foreigner to be present during the application, if it deems necessary.

Residence permit requests received by the Provincial/District Directorates of Migration Management and evaluated positively are sent to the General Directorate of Migration Management through the system and the residence card is printed.

Residence cards, which are printed in the center, are sent by post to the address given at the time of application by foreigners.

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