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Immigration Bureau is a private residence permit and residence permit consultancy firm that provides international service with its expert consultants, experienced team and the most up-to-date information.

It assists and provides services to its clients based on the most up-to-date laws and regulations and the practices of the General Directorate of Migration Management.

You can contact the Immigration Office consultants for Turkey visa, residence permit, work permit and other similar services required by all foreign nationals in Turkey.

All conditions must be met in order to make applications such as Turkish Electronic visa, residence permit or work permit in Turkey.

Immigration Bureau provides its customers with all necessary support in this field. On our website, there are information, forms and lists of documents regarding Turkish visa and other immigration procedures for all foreign nationals.

Our company is not a government or government agency. It is a consulting firm that serves its clients independently.

How to Obtain a Residence Permit?

Oturma İzni - İkamet İzni
Residence Permit – Residence Permit

Foreign nationals coming to our country can stay within the borders of Turkey only during their visa period or visa exemption period.

Those who want to stay longer should prepare the documents specified in the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, apply for a residence permit and obtain a residence permit. With this permit, also known as a residence permit or residence permit, foreign nationals can stay in our country for a long time.

Directorates of Migration Management in provinces and districts are assigned to receive residence permit applications of foreigners. Residence permit applications can be made by foreigners in person or through consulting firms. In addition, the foreigner’s lawyer or legal representative can be with the foreigner during the application.

Foreigners holding a residence permit can apply for an extension at any time 60 days before the expiry of their permit, at the latest, before the expiry of their permit. In addition, it is possible to apply for an extension within the visa / visa exemption period or even if this period has been exceeded up to 10 days. Foreigners holding a work permit must apply for a residence permit within 10 days from the date of the expiry of their permit or if their permit has been revoked.

The applications received by the Directorates of Migration Management are evaluated and the applications that are found positive are issued by the General Directorate of Migration Management. The cards, of which the printing process is completed at the Head Office, are sent by post to the addresses specified by the foreigners in their applications.

Residence permit

Except for foreigners who are exempt from obtaining a residence permit, all foreigners who want to stay in Turkey for more than 90 days must apply for this permit. Foreigners who want to stay longer than the visa or visa exemption period within the borders of the country should apply for a permit that is appropriate for their purpose of stay and personal situation. There are different categories of residence to be able to reside in our country. Persons who cannot apply for long-term residence permits, such as students, families or victims of human trafficking due to their personal circumstances, can apply for a short-term permit.

Foreigners who have resided in Turkey for at least 8 years uninterruptedly as a holder of a residence permit or foreigners who meet the conditions determined by the Immigration Policy Board of the Ministry of Interior can apply for a long-term residence permit issued by the General Directorate of Migration Management. This residence permit is indefinite and there is no need for foreign nationals to request an extension every year or for certain periods.

When calculating an uninterrupted 8-year residence, half of the periods of residence as a student and all other residence periods are accepted. Foreigners who meet the conditions for this permit can apply. However, refugees, conditional refugees and subsidiary protection status holders, humanitarian residence permit holders and foreigners under temporary protection cannot switch to a long-term residence permit.

Residence Permit Application Form

To reach a sample of the Residence Permit Application Form, it can be viewed on the residence permit page. For residence permit applications you will make through the Immigration Bureau, it is sufficient to prepare the documents required for the residence permit and send them to our consultants. Your permit application is made by our consultants and your appointment is taken from the relevant immigration administration. Residence permit applications are finalized within a maximum of 90 days. According to the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on Foreigners and International Protection, the 90-day period starts from the moment your information and documents are delivered to the relevant institution. These periods are at the initiative of the relevant Migration Administration and may differ from time to time. In the event that the period is extended, the foreigner who applies must be informed.

Foreign nationals are obliged to indicate their address in Turkey in the application for their information. The address to reside in Turkey can be a fixed address or an address belonging to the accommodation facility. In any case, the declared address must be written correctly and completely on the application forms. Since the residence permit document will be sent to the specified address after the application is approved, all declared contact information (address, telephone, e-mail) must be up-to-date.

If the foreigner changes his address while he is legally residing in Turkey, he has to apply to the provincial directorate of migration administration and population directorate, together with the documents showing the address change, within 20 working days.

Foreigners who have a work permit do not need to obtain a residence permit separately. Due to the legal regulation, work permit is also considered as a residence permit.

Turkey Work Permit

Türkiye'de Çalışma İzni
Türkiye’de Çalışma İzni

In order for foreign nationals to work in Turkey, it is obligatory to obtain a work permit and residence permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security or other relevant institutions.

Administrative fines and a ban on entry to Turkey are applied to foreign nationals and their employers who work without this document or without a document showing that they are exempt from this permit.

For this reason, it is essential for all foreigners in Turkey to have this document in order to work.

Foreigners who want to work by obtaining this permission can apply through the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in the country, and abroad, through the Embassy or Consulate of the Republic of Turkey in their country of citizenship or in the country where they are legally residing.

Students who will study in Turkey can obtain a work permit through the ministry before this period expires if they have obtained a residence permit for at least 6 months.

Foreigners who will work in areas that are or may be subject to human trafficking are required to obtain this permission by applying to our foreign representative offices each time. It is not taken into account that the foreigners who will work in these areas have resided for 6 months.

Foreigners who have come to our country with touristic or other visas that are not for work purposes, and foreign nationals for whom Turkey provides visa exemption or visa convenience, cannot apply for a permit to work in the country since they do not have a residence permit.

Foreigners working as a work permit holder must apply for an extension 60 days before the expiry of the permit, and in any case before this period expires.

Applications made after the expiry of the said period will not be accepted. In case any information or document is missing or incorrect in the applications, it is possible to give an additional period of up to 30 days to correct it.

If this period is requested to be extended, a reason for extension documented by an official authority is required.

If the deficiencies or mistakes are not corrected within the given time, your permit application will be rejected. Applications duly made are generally concluded within 30 days.

These periods depend on the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and may vary depending on the circumstances.

Turkey Work Visa

Foreigners who will work in fields such as education and health that require professional competence must first obtain preliminary permission in order for their applications for work visas to be concluded positively.

The institutions that can give this preliminary permission are the Ministry of Health in health-related fields and the Ministry of National Education in education-related fields.

Foreign faculty members, on the other hand, can apply to the ministry after the preliminary permission to be obtained according to the relevant legislation, as they will work within the scope of the Higher Education Law.

Foreigners who want to apply to extend their work visas are subject to the prior permission of the relevant ministry or Higher Education Council.

Foreigners who want to work in companies with R&D Center certificate as R&D personnel must first apply to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology and receive a positive opinion from the Ministry in order to be able to work.

Otherwise, it is not possible for them to work within the borders of Turkey.

The work permit is given for a maximum of 1 year for the applications made by the foreigner for the first time. The 1-year period should not exceed the duration of the foreigner’s employment or service contract.

In addition, it is obligatory for the foreigner to work in a designated work place of real, legal or public institutions and organizations or in a designated job in the same business environment.

If the extension application made by the foreign national is approved, it is possible to get an extension to work for up to 2 years and then up to 3 years at the most, provided that he/she continues to work under the same employer.

Foreigners holding a long-term residence permit or a legal 8-year work permit can apply to work indefinitely in Turkey.

It cannot be said that foreigners who apply in this field and meet all the conditions have the right to obtain this permit indefinitely.

Obtaining a Turkey Visa from Abroad

The Turkish Electronic Visa is a fast, practical and e-visa system that can be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, developed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for citizens of more than 100 countries.

With this system, tourists and businessmen who want to travel to Turkey can obtain a visa online quickly and without any paperwork.

Citizens of foreign countries can also apply for a classical visa through the Foreign Representations of the Republic of Turkey instead of an electronic visa.

The e-visa can only be obtained for touristic and business trips. Apart from these, if you have a different travel purpose, you must apply for a visa individually through the Turkish Embassy or Consulate.

If your personal situation and purpose of travel are suitable for an electronic visa, you are expected to meet some conditions that may differ from country to country.

These conditions are determined on the basis of the agreements drawn up between the Republic of Turkey and other countries.

Turkish Electronic Visa or ex officio visas allow the foreigner to stay for a maximum of 90 days within 180 days.

This situation varies according to the contracts drawn up between Turkey and other foreign countries.

No foreign national can stay in Turkey for more than 90 days within 180 days with a visa.

Foreigners who want to stay within the borders of the country for a longer period of time must apply for a residence permit (residence permit or residence permit).

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